The Episcopal Union
In about 1975 it appeared to several people that a church not devoted to the enforcement of dogma nor to the formulation of doctrine would fill a felt need for the celebration of human life.

In about 1994 James Rice, an ordained priest, was recognized Lord Arch-Bishop of Washington and Aroostock. The Episcopal Union was incorporated under Maine law in 1996 with the expectation that it might organize a regular place for the celebration of the Feasts of the Saints. Property in Eastport, Maine has been acquired to that purpose.



We believe that the human mind is given the capacity to discover and to understand the cosmos;

We believe that rite and ritual are essential to maintaining our 'humaness';

We believe that, by celebrating the Feasts of the Saints, we reconfirm their humanity and our own;

We believe that all religion is the creation of and is in service to Human Kind;

We believe that moral rule obscures the considered reasons which ought to govern human behavior.

The Episcopal Union
St. Swithin's Chapel
3 Third Street
Eastport, ME 04631
(207) 853-2338


Episcopal Union is a 501C (3) Corporation